20 Blog Topics That Will Insanely Drive More Traffic To Your Blog


What blog topics should I choose to drive more traffic to my blog? New bloggers, as well as old bloggers ask this important question.
In the field of blogging, the first question to be answered is which topic to blog about. This will determine your success or failure.
Your blog posts actually determine your traffic. There are hot blog topics that incredibly drive traffic to your blog.
If you have decided to jump into the wagon of blogging, don’t forget the following two tips:
There are some blog topics that people love to read and
Others that people will continually search for.
The first one will make readers more engaged and love your blog. This is helpful when your blog is already popular.
The second one will make people find you. This will increase your organic traffic.
I would recommend the second blog idea for every new blogger. How can we call her beautiful when no one sees her? It is better to write on topics that people will search for.
If I may ask, how many persons are searching for your kind of blog topics? You need to think about this like never before.
In this article, I will share the 20 Blog Topics You Should Write On To Drive Traffic To Your Blog.
Are you ready for this? Take a glass of water and let’s begin the journey.
Drive More Traffic With These 20 Blog Topics
1. Tutorial Posts
Just like you, everyone likes tutorials.
You want to learn how to drive more traffic with your blog posts. This made you stumble into this post.
Others want to learn too. Give then detailed tutorials on the stuffs you are very good at. This will turn your readers into loyal visitors.
2. News Post
People like to know the latest news update. The keyword “latest news update” receives thousands of organic searches daily.
Give readers updates about the latest happenings in your blog niche.
If possible, be the first person to break the news.
3. Controversial Subjects
Yes! Write on controversial subjects. You won’t believe the traffic that will follow.
Understand the controversial issue on ground and write a post on it.
4. Listicles
People want to know:
The Top 10 best players of all time,
5 most beautiful cities in the world,
20 the most successful bloggers of all time,
25 ways to live long,etc.
All these are listicles.
Write blog topics on listicles and your traffic will never remain the same.
5. Success Stories
People want to know how Obama became successful, how to start and succeed in blogging, etc.
Even you want to know how other bloggers succeed so that you can learn from them. These are success stories.
Write on how very successful persons around rose into fame.
6. Profile
In this type of blog topic, you pick someone very influential and write full story about him.
This is like biography. It is a hot cake subject…
7. Awareness Posts
Write posts that will make your readers aware of the truth surrounding the current situation.
Let them know about the latest diseases in town and how to avoid them.
Tell them the latest government policies and how not to fall victim.
See example of awareness post here .
8. Debate Posts
30 reasons why I prefer Bing to Google: This is a typical example of debate post.
People love debate posts. Writing debate posts will increase your blog traffic overnight.
9. Guide For Beginners
Every beginner likes guide. The biggest WordPress resource right now is WP BEGINNERS. It is a blog created to guide WordPress beginners.
Write tutorials for beginners. Teach them what they need to know, what to do and how to do them.
Always try to make Guide for beginners blog topics as simple as possible.
10. Rants
These are blog topics that have to do will your view.
Just pick a topic and write what you feel about it. It could be the latest happenings in your environment.
11. Fastest And Best Ways To…
Everyone likes shortcut. Why spend one hour when I can do it withing 10 minutes?
Write posts on the fastest and best ways to do something. See a sample post on that here
12. FAQs
Write on frequently asked questions about a particle topic. This will increase your ranking.
13. Funny Posts
Who doesn’t like jokes? All work and no play makes a blogger dull. Write funny posts once in a while.
If you cannot write funny blog posts, write funny blog topics. See a very funny blog topic here.
14. What Others Are Saying
What people are saying about the latest speech delivered by the president of Nigeria: This is an example of opinion post.
People love these kind of blog topics like mad. Write on them and get traffic to your blog like mad.
15. Problems And Solutions
Write on the problems on ground and suggest solutions. For every problem, there is a solution.
I wrote an article with the title “ 10 Reasons you would fail Jamb and what to do about it “. The article doesn’t only point out the reason for failure, but the price of success.
16. Comparison
Apple Iphone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: With these kind of blog topics, your Alexa rank will really increase.
People love comparison back to back. Write comparison blog posts.
17. Review
This is especially for technology blogs.
People want to read reviews before getting the desired product. Review post will be of great help to you.
18. Questions And Answers
What are the hottest topics in Chemistry? This is a typical example of posts on questions.
People always like to ask questions. Articles in the form of question will make your blog rank very high. This is because search engines queries will match exactly with your post.
Let me try to make this simple. If you search for “What is a Noun?” and I already have an article with the title “What is a Noun?”. You would certainly expect my post to rank high for such keyword.
This is the brain behind Yahoo and Quora ranking very high on Google search.
19. Posts Based On Comments
My second most view post ever (As at the time of writing) was inspired by a reader.
She asked me a question and I decided to write a full guide to answer the question. The article turned out to be a hot cake.
Anytime someone comments on your blog, understand that there are many other persons in demand of such ideas.
Meeting the demand of readers is the essence of blogging. You must learn to add value.
20. Where To Posts
Just as the how to posts… where to posts can insanely drive traffic to your blog.
For instance, you have given me the tutorial on how to start a building project. You would expect me to ask the question, how do I get the building materials?

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