Loopcycle.net – Login & Register “Loop Cycle” is Paying

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria
How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

Loopcycle.net – Login & Register “Loop Cycle” is
Payiny , Double Your Capital & Say NO to
recession In 48 Hours or Less at Loopcycle.net
A new ponzi scheme known as loopcycle.net is
here, and it is promising participants 100 percent
return for their money e.g. Give (PH) 10,000 and
collect 20,000 (GH) after 10 days.
REVIEW : Loopcycle.net – Login & Register
“Loop Cycle” is Paying
Since (MMM), the most popular ponzi scheme in
Nigeria, collapsed other ponzi schemes have
come and gone which include Loopersclub and
cashpipe but loopcycle promises to remain for a
long time because they have designed a powerful
tech platform that hackers cannot penetrate and
have a very strong marketing strategy to make
sure the cycle never ends.
Loopersclub investors lost the scheme since it
got hacked in February
However, Loopcycle.net said as soon as the
donation of a member is confirmed, the system
will automatically assign 2 other registered
people to pay the same amount you initially
invested e.g. you donate N10,000 and two people
will donate N10,000 to you so you now have
N20,000 in your bank account.
It is a good idea to now loop again to further
double your investment so now for example you
choose to donate your new N20,000 you will get
N40,000 back within 10 days and you are on your
way to having your dreams come true
What really is your dream?
A house of your own
A car of your own
A vacation of your own
The company’s website states that loopcycle.net
is founded by a “team of concerned
philanthropists who want to help end the
recession and poor standard of living.
Donationcycle.net has been created to help you
achieve your dreams and goals by helping others
and yourselves. Together we rise!
“Once you join this family, you are at liberty to
donate to a fellow member of the community
chosen for you automatically by the software.
On their site they have explained that you donate
the sum of N10000,
N25000,N50000,N75,000,N100,000,N200,000 or
N350000 to a fellow member auto-assigned by
the system and the member will then confirm
the have received your donation and then the
system will automatically assign 2 other
members to pay you , your initial donation twice.
You double your initial donation. Not only do you
get the blessings from helping your fellow man,
you also get double of your money and you can
do this over and over again as many times as
you like. All donations are made directly to other
member‘s bank account.
”Loopcycle.net says they are here to stay forever
and their selling point to members is speed. “You
are advised to have an online banking application
on your mobile phone to help facilitate the
process. Mobile numbers will be displayed on
your dashboard. Please save them and do not
receive any call from other lines claiming to have
emanated from Loopcycle.net.
Loopcycle.net launched on the 14th of March
2017 at exactly 7am in the morning – Join and
let’s make the world a better place.
Go to Loopcycle.net now to enter your details
and you will be notified immediately you are
matched to make a donation.
All donations are made directly to member bank
• After a participant has successfully signed up
to the platform, it is required of you to activate
and donate into any of our cycles:
N 10,000 to earn N20,000 (Basic Cycle)
N25,000 to earn N50,000 (Standard Cycle)
N50,000 to earn N100,000 (Blaze Cycle)
N75,000 to earn N150,000 (Premium Cycle)
N100,000 to earn N200,000 (King Cycle)
N200,000 to earn N400,000 (Sky Cycle)
N250,000 to earn N500,000 (Baller Cycle)
N350,000 to earn N700,000 (Ultimate Cycle)
After activating the preferred cycle, you will be
required to make a donation to a fellow member
assigned by the system automatically and you
are expected to do a complete verification on
the receiving participant.
• After activating the preferred cycle, you will be
required to make a donation to a fellow member
assigned by the system automatically and you
are expected to do a complete verification on
the receiving participant.
• Loop Cycle will assign referrals to pay you.
After you have received payment from 2 people,
the system will automatically EXIT you and
allows unlimited registration; however demand
falls on you to activate another package within
48hours after you have cycled out or user
account will be blocked.
• It is paramount to note that your return on
donation will be on before 10 days, we ask that
you exercise patient. While you wait, you can
also use your referral link to invite your family
and friends and make 5% of whatever amount of
donation the choose to activate Get Started.
Loopcycle.net is a peer to peer donation platform
which was created with the sole aim of
improving lives globally. We believe in mutual
support and advancement of life through
meaningful and sustainable peer to peer
How much do I receive once I make a donation?
Depending on the package you join. members
receive 200% of their donations within 30mins –
10 days
Do I have to refer someone to earn? No. The
system matches members automatically.
However, you can tell people about it.
How many times is a member allowed to join
and get donations? Members receive donations
as many times as they desire. They receive 2
times the amount donated to members in this
What are your donation packages and how do
they differ? Our donation packages are designed
for individuals. You can choose any package at
startup and remain or join other packages if you
wish to continually make donations. The higher
plan you choose, the more money you earn!
How long do I have to make donation after I
have signed up and activated a package? You
have until 7 hours to make donation, after which
you get activated and eligible to receive
donations from 2 members
How do I receive my payment? As soon as you
make a donation, you are eligible to receive
payments from 2 members either through bank
payment or transfer. No referral needed. Our
system auto-match members instantly.
Do I have to upload bank teller/receipts after
payments? No. Simplicity of this platform
matters. All you need do is to contact the
donee/sponsor to confirm your payment. You
may contact support@loopcycle.net if you have
made payments and have not been confirmed

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