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How To Make Money Online In Nigeria
How To Make Money Online In Nigeria Login & Register , PLIMBERS is a
peer-to-peer system of donation and mutual aid
fund scheme that allows participants to offer
donations to each other in an efficient manner.
By using this scheme, members give and receive
donations from each other.
PLIMBERS was founded by a team of
enthusiastic humanitarian specialists who wanted
to overcome the routine and create a platform
that would act in the market not only for
business success but for the sake of
humanitarian and financial empowerment
REVIEW Login & Register
We have looked at all peer to peer donation
platforms available over the past 18 months and
we have properly analysed them all. We have put
in place measures to ensure that PLIMBERS is
stable and paying for at least 11 months. We will
keep on improving this platform at all times
To create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger,
and social injustice.
A just world without poverty
We believe that in order to create a just and
sustainable society, we must tap into
opportunities and make the best of it along with
the freedom to make our own decisions, guided
by their personal values and beliefs.
Are my bank details secured?
Answer: Yes your details are secured with a
strong COMODO firewall. You will not be able to
edit your bank details once saved on the system
What if my assigned payer refuse to pay me?
Answer: he/she will be blocked and you will
automatically be rematched if he doesn’t pay
within 10 hours.
Are there charges for new participants?
Answer: In Plimbers community, there are no
charges for participating in the community.
Can i have multiple account?
Answer: Yes, but the system will require
additional username and email for verification
and validation. Bank details, Names and Mobile
numbers can be the same.
Who is a referral?
Answer: A referrer is a committed participant in
Plimbers community who invites another
participant through referral link to give help in
order to receive help in return.
Do i need to have direct referrals?
Answer: There is no need to force members to
participate in Plimbers community or to join your
structure. Also, the system is designed for
automation; hence, there is no need for referral
Why choose plimbers?
Answer: Plimbers does not really wait for the 7
days before matching you for payment, you can
recieve your payment between day 48hrs to day
7. You can be matched automatically within the
first 48 hrs but not later than 7 days maximum.
Payment Matching
Answer: Matching means giving you the bank
account details of a member who is due to
receive payment to pay to him/her OR giving
your account details to the person/people who
want to provide, to pay to you, for example when
you provide N20,000 and you are due for cash-
out, your bank details will be given to 2 members
who will pay you N20,000 each making N40,000
in total.
There are different levels of donation i.e N20,
000; N50, 000; N100, 000; N200, 000
The system is easy to sign up and mobile
After registration, you can login and sign up for a
package then you will see whom you have been
matched to pay (recipient).
On successful registration, donor is expected to
pay to the recipient within 12 hours, otherwise
donor’s account will be blocked.
Endeavour to call the user before you make
Donation is paid to individual account as
assigned by the system.
On receiving payment from a donor, the recipient
is required to confirm the donor after the donor
must have uploaded an evidence of payment
within 12 hours.
Every recipient also has to confirm receipt of
donation within 10 hours of receiving payment
from a payer, otherwise your account will be
We counsel all participants to have an active
internet/mobile banking application.
All communications about the donation, rejection
and approval is strictly between donor and
recipient only.
Your login details should be kept confidential to
you and on no account should you release it to
any third party. No Support/Admin/Staff of
Plimbers will ask you to provide your login details
at any point.
All disagreements and problems will be manually
handled by system administrator. Submit a
support ticket to report any issues.
WARNING: Donations are to be made directly to
members’ bank account details specified in your
dashboard and is final. There will be no refunds
if participants do not strictly adhere to
Please allow between 48hrs to 7 days to be
matched to receive donations AFTER your
payment has been confirmed. Remember, all we
care about here is sustainability and helping each
out of freewill.
If after 7 days and you are yet to be matched to
receive donations. Simply send a mail to or support@ with the title “MATCH TIME
ELAPSED” as well as evidence of your last
payout and you will be matched within 5 hours.
This is a promise and we intend to fulfill it
Please forward every issue to plimbersworld@ stating clearly your issue, the phone
number associated with your account and the
email also. Be rest assured that you will receive
a response within 12 -24 hours. You can also
reach us via our twitter handle @plimbersworld
We implore all participants on this great platform
to always abide by the set rules of the platform.
Plimbers Team gives everyone the opportunity to
make money and live a better life.
Plimbers Team frowns at cyberbeggers, fake pop
uploaders as this will not be tolerated. We have a
dedicated team that their sole responsibility is to
deal with this menace.

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