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How To Make Money Online In Nigeria
How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

“Merry Cash” – Login & Register ,
A mutual funding platform that enables
participants achieve their dreams without
pressure. MerryCash paticipants leverage on the
growth of the system to get finances for their
It is a transparent, member to member payment
scheme or cooperative that enables you raise
the money that you need for your business.
After you register the system will match
someone for you to pay ₦15,000 to. When you
get comfirmed after making the payment three
people will be matched to pay you ₦15,000 each,
making it ₦45,000. That’s cool ..right?
1) Get ₦45,000 in five days.
2) You don’t need to refer anyone.
3) This is a honest and simple platform.
4) Easy to use.
NOTE: You begin the business with just ₦15,000.
How it Works
When you Join, you will need to donate the sum
of either N15,000 to a fellow member assigned
by the system or you. After the member
confirms your donation, the system will
automatically assign 3 other registered members
who will also pay you N15,000 each to your
registered bank account, making 300% (i.e.
300% of N15000 is N45000).
All donations are made directly to member bank
account. Share MerryCash to people and make
the world a better place. Please note that your
return on Investment will be on or before 5 days.
Please be Patient.
What are the things you need to know?
• There is only one platform of donation i.e.
• The system is easy to sign up and mobile
• Donation is paid to individual account as
assigned by the system.
• On successful registration, donor is expected to
pay to the assigned payee within 24 hours,
otherwise will be suspended.
• Activation should be made within 24 hours of
receiving payment from a payer.
• No refund of payment.
• Communication about the donation, rejection
and approval is between you and the payee only.
• The payment method involved are through bank
deposit and online cash transfer.
• All disagreements and problems will be
manually handled by system administrator.
Contact support to report any issues.
Terms & Conditions
Thank you for visiting our website. If you want to
use this website, you must agree to conform to
and be legally bound by the terms and conditions
described below.
By signing up for MerryCash membership, you
agree to the following Terms, Conditions and
This service is provided on an as is, as available
service. We make no warranties of any kind,
either expressed or implied. You understand that
the specific guidelines and policies in place.
You agree to take appropriate action when you
receive a donation and you understand that
failing to take action (Either Approve a pending if
the donation payment was received or Decline if
the funds were not received) within 24 hours
from receiving a donation may cause the system
to suspend your account and completely
disqualify you from any further benefit and will
remain suspended until you contact support to
resolve the issue of a declined donation and
request your account to be “Reactivated”.
You also understand that you have a full 24
hours from the time you join MerryCash to
decide if you wish to participate or not, failing to
make a donation to the assigned person will
cause the system to remove your account, and
you are welcome to register again.
“Spamming” or contacting other participants in
an attempt to promote ANY other opportunity to
ANY fellow MerryCash participant is grounds for
“Immediate” account suspension which
disqualifies you from receiving donations.

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