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How To Make Money Online In Nigeria
How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

Firstly, register with the JETTYPAY system then
you login and go to office and select the
package that fits your needs which could be
either #5,000 ₦10,000, ₦20,000, ₦50,000 or #
100,000 Depending on the package chosen, the
system will automatically match you to an Up
line for you to donate the sum of the package
you chose to him/her.
After your donation has been confirmed by your
Up-line the Sure Donation system will
automatically assign 2 other registered people
under you, who will also donate to you each, the
amount you previously denoted to your Up line,
making 100% (i.e.
#5,000 Donation AND
GET ₦10,000
₦10,000 Donation AND
GET ₦20,000
₦20,000 Donation AND
GET ₦40,000
₦50,000 Donation AND
GET ₦100,000
₦100,000 Donation AND
GET ₦200,000
Note: Registration is one time, so ensure all
your details are correct. Opening of multiple
accounts is always allowed. The Sure Donation
system includes a confirm to dialog box to
eliminate the mistake of confirming the wrong
person. Report any Cyber beggar or scammer to
support for immediate action…..
We have smooth design that is bug and error
free. Every upgrade has been done so you don’t
have to worry about us going for
upgrade.keeping you safe is our best interest…
Our support team replies in less than 12 hours.
We resolve issues as soon as possible to avoid
merging problems…
We used an automated matching system so
matching is fast and reliable. And auto-matching
time is now 12 hours.
We want everyone to benefit that is why we made
strict moves against
Cyber Beggars/Scammers.

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