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How To Make Money Online In Nigeria
How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

Teen Investment was developed for Students,
Who need help in raising funds for their
academy. The aims and objectives the TEEN
Investment is enable every students to generate
more income by helping each other to grow and
to encourage entrepreneurs within themselves.
To become a member of Teen Investment is very
simple all it require is your registration, which
you can easily have access to by clicking on SIGN
UP at the menu bar. You are to start by
donating as low as N3,000 to a member and you
will be rewarded 100% of your total investment
because of your charity and LOVE. To move to the
Next Stage which is SCENESTERS every individual
must have donate N3,000 to 3members and must
have received both their investment an reward
before you can be allow to donate on SCENESTERS at
rate of N6,000. Once you donate N6,000 to at least
2members you will be eligible to participate in JOCKS
PACKAGE at rate of N12,000. Every member are required
to donate N12,000 to at least 2members before
you can eligible to subscribe to GEEKS PACKAGE at rate of
N24,000 to get N48,000. At this point a member can
donate on any of the account. Every member are
allow to have maximum of 3 accounts with
different username, email, and Phone Number.
The platform do not allow fraudsters, if you
detect any frauds scheme on your account,
kindly let us know. We are here to help the TEEN
for Better future and a greater Solutions to

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