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How To Make Money Online In Nigeria
How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

HOW SpiralFund WORK
With our spiral system, you are with the best.
Spiral fund is a peer to peer network system
The way spiral works is different from the
conventional. It is an automated system that
combines various conditions to pay you.
Conditions may be; how fast you pay your upliner,
your level and others conditions we will like to
keep secret in order to make the system
What you should basically know.
You make a donation of 10,000 to your upliner
and get 3 people donate to you in your first
Secondly, it is to your benefit and the
community to recycle. When you activate the
second spiral, i.e Paying 10,000 to a new
upliner you are moved to the second spiral.
Here, the system assigns 4 people to pay you.
When you have completed spiral 2, you pay
10,000 to another upliner and here you are
assigned 5 people to pay you. And that is the
completion of your first cycle. You are here
returned to level 1.
Why should I pay another upliner when I have
been returned to spiral 1:
It is advised to continue with this account because
of the way our system works. Your ranking keeps
going higher and this are the things our engine
combines to determine how fast you get paid.
Purge Button
Should a downliner refuse to pay after 1 hour, the
upliner will have access to the delete button.
Members do not need to refer people to be paid
but it is to the benefit of the community to tell
poeple about us.
We are responsible people. Be responsible!!!

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