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About us
We are a supporting donation platform.
Nairaclub is a mutual platform with the sole aim
of assisting Nigerians reach their investment
aim. We provide a system where for partipants to
learn and grow through a dynamic peer to peer
system. This platform was designed to help you
withstand financial difficulties and provide a
source of daily and frequent income.
features of the system
Low start-up donation of N10,000.
On nairaclub platform, a donation start up
amount of N10,000 on the system is required to
kick start your journey to achievements.
Member to Member donation system
The system operates on a member to member
donation system. There is no central account in
which deposits are made but all transcations are
between members to members on the platform.
100% increase on all your investment in a short
Once a donation is made to your upliner/sponsor,
the system automatically places you on the
pending list to get 200% of yor donation within
the shortest period of time.
Nairaclub Package
What we offer
N10,000 to get N20,000
Unlimited Returns
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