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How To Make Money Online In Nigeria
How To Make Money Online In Nigeria
We share what We love & Love what we share
For every share, We get REWARDED 3 times
The MerrySharer group is a group of like-minded
philanthropists who have studied the
environment and are highly displeased with the
uneven distribution of wealth. Though not among
the top wealthiest in the country, have decided
to help create a platform where acts of kindness
can be rewarded. The MerrySharer group
however still relies on the continue efforts and
support of people who share the same vision of
a better Nigeria and human race in general. For
this reason, we accept voluntary donations to
keep the system at its best.
we are dedicated to responding to all issue &
reports made to or in less an 10
Since our major aim is to share love by means
of wealth redistribution, Merrysharer works with
a total number of seven (7) packages. These
packages are designed to meet the individual
needs to our “Loved Ones” since all fingers are
never equal.
Our Packages:
Starter (5,000), Premium (10,000), Classic
(15,000), Pro (25,000), Mega Pro (40,000), Hero
(70,000), and Champion (100,000) packages.
These packages are designed using a 1 by 2
matrix system. This implies that when you share
(give) 10,000, 15,000, 25,000, 40,000, 70,000 or
100,000 naira, you get rewarded with double of
your share. i.e. 5,000 to 10,000, 10,000 to get
20,000 ( as the case may be). This package
requires however that you either upgrade to a
higher package after these payments or reset
your package.
Please read these terms and conditions carefully
before using this Website.
This is a multi-user donation system aimed at
redistributing wealth and no doubt involves
risk taking for life itself is a risk.
Progress and development of this community
depends on your continuous effort in bring
more people to participate
Do not register if you are not ready to
participate and provide help within 28hrs.
Provide only official and correct profile and
bank information.
We cannot stop users from having multiple
accounts, however, we do not encourage such
Owners of, or contributors to the website
cannot be held liable for any damage or
damages arising out of or in any way
connected with the use of the Website.
The Website will not be responsible for any
losses or damages or claims arising from
events such as mistakes made by users of
the Website e.g forgotten passwords,
payments sent to the wrong accounts, etc. All
user of the Website is solely responsible for
keeping passwords and other account
identifiers safe and secure.
We reserve the right to modify or delete
characteristics, make changes on how the
Website works, manage users in Website. We
reserve the right to discontinue the service
without notice at any time and are not liable
for any modification suspension or
discontinuance of the service. The Website
reserves the right to terminate users’
accounts on the Website in case of abuses
such as using the Website for any unlawful
purpose; to harass, abuse, insult, harm, or
discriminate based on gender, religion, age;
upload or transmit viruses or any malicious
code; to spam, phish, harm; for any obscene
or immoral purpose such as pornographic
materials, at our sole discretion without any
Question: How can you Help?
Apart from voluntary donations, we think the
easiest possible way to help this platform is
to inform and invite more people to
participate. After all, no act of kindness is
ever left unrewarded.
Patience is a virtue. Negative comments can
have devastating effect on anything good.
Therefore we require that you be patient and

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