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How To Make Money Online In Nigeria
How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

www.zorexhub.net We have created a better,
stronger and reliable platform beyond all
whatsapp groups to serve you better
Register on zorexhub.net
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When you Join, you will need to donate the sum
of either N5000, N10000, N20000,N30000,
N40000 or N50000 to a fellow member assigned
by the system or your direct link, and the
member will then confirm your donation and then
the system will automatically assign 2 other
registered people under you from spillovers who
will also pay you the joining amount each, into
your bank account, making 200% (i.e. 200% of
N5000 is N10000, 200% of N10000 is N20000,
200% of N20000 is N40000, 200% of N30000 is
N60000, 200% of N40000 is N80000 and 200% of
N50000 is N100000). Earning is between 2 to 5
days Zorexhub will assign referrals to pay you.
After you have received payment from 2 people
under you, you provide help again and still earn
from two ditto all day long All donations are
made directly to member bank account. Share
Zorex to people and make the world a better
place. Please be Patient. As you wait to be paid
within 2 to 5 days.If for any reasons you don’t
get paid without two to 5 days,contact our
support. What are the things you need to know?
There are four different platforms of donation
i.e., N5,000, N10,000, N20,000,40,000 and
The system is easy to sign up and mobile
Donation is paid to individual account as
assigned by the system.
Payee, on receiving payment from a payer, is
required to confirm a payers payment
On successful registration, donor is expected to
pay to the assigned payee within 24 hours,
otherwise will be archived.
Confirmation is made within 24 hours of
receiving payment from a payer, otherwise your
account will be removed from the group
No refund of payment.
Communication about the donation, rejection and
approval is between you and the payee only.
For your generosity, you’ll be rewarded with 200%
The payment method involves are through bank
payment, transfer and cash at hand.
STEP 1: Visit www.zorexhub.net to get
registered as a member.
STEP 2: Log into your Personnal Office (PO)
using your email and password gotten after your
registration with us.
STEP 3: Make donations
STEP 4: Wait patiently for 2 to 5 days to get
STEP 5: Proceed with donating cash to your
matched pair
STEP 6: After confirmation,wait to get your own
STEP 7: Go withdraw your recieved cash from
your registered bank with Zorexhub tell others
about it to increase your referal and you could be
our lucky one
Provide Help -Get Help
PH N5,000
PH N10,000
PH N20,000
PH N30,000
PH N40,000
PH N50,000
GH N10,000
GH N20,000
GH N40,000
GH N60,000
GH N80,000
GH N100,000

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