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Federal University Of Technology Owerri FUTO
Federal University Of Technology Owerri FUTO

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Rochas: There was a peaceful protest until I was arrested and then the school invited thugs from ihiagwa to destroy school properties so students would have to pay
Rochas: about 39 students were arrested and granted bail yesterday
Rochas: I was arrested because I was Leading a peaceful protest
Rochas: The protest became violent as soon as I was arrested
Spiritual: The school admin was supposed to come out and address the students, respond to the protest but instead sent DSS to arrest and gas students
Caller1 (elderly): what was done was good but it went awry.. the school should have responded to the protest and not escalated it. It seems the school did not have the interest of students at heart
Caller2 (FUTO STUDENT): For the first time students came out to protest and the school didn’t take us serious. I’m calling from Onitsha now and not happy that I’m at home cuz I was about to right my test but the protest was worth it
Caller 3 (FUTO STUDENT): The school properties were destroyed but the police did not hurt anyone and it’s not fair the students destroyed our school properties
Caller 4(FUTO STUDENT): The students did not destroy school properties but thugs took advantage
Rochas: we don’t care we want our school fees reduced
Rochas: the VC said he’s not aware of course registration fees in the school which I don’t believe. You pay for everything in the school
Rochas: I don’t believe the damages are worth millions
Caller5( FUTO graduate): there’s so much extortion in FUTO. How can the DVC say he does not know what is going on in his school. He is incompetent. We that graduated have suffered more. How can the school give the students a deadline to pay school fees and threaten to increase it by 10k
Caller6 (FUTO STUDENT): Not all students resorted to violence
Rochas: I regret the violence that took place but we will not rest until we get things right in FUTO
Spiritual: It’s like students have been sitting on a gun powder for a long time. FUTO doesn’t care about us. The management has been keeping us in the dark, they don’t talk to us, don’t communicate with us but they can implement strange policies that affect us negatively. The SUG are totally handicapped and ineffective
HOST: we will invite the school admin to give their own view of what happened in the school
Caller7 (parent): students have the right to protest but it should not be violent
HOST: It’s good the protest took place so that this issue is addressed and it doesn’t happen again. Good day.

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