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Fountain University
Fountain University

Akinniyi Rasaq Akinwumi emerged Best
Graduating Student of the Fountain University,
Osogbo (FUO) at the last convocation. He
confessed he never really expected it.
Akinniyi Rasaq Akinwumi was the best graduating
student of the combined convocation ceremonies
held recently at Fountain University, Osogbo. In a
chat with the duo of Risqot Adetunji and Kawthar
Oyeleye, he shared his experience while on
campus and his future ambition. Here are the
Please introduce yourself:
My name is Akinniyi Rasaq Akinwumi a graduate
of Economics, Fountain University, Oshogbo.
Congrats on bagging first class! How do you feel
about this achievement?
Excited! Although it took a lot of hard work and I
never really expected it but at the end of the
day, I give all the glory to Allah.
What challenges did you face as a student?
Wow! Virtually everything … Limited materials,
lecturers rushing us, giving us assignments even
when they don’t expect us to finish up, as we
have no choice but to finish it or we will be
penalised. Living in school and the funding
weren’t really coming through; I guess we just
had to put one thing to another. My course
mates were really helpful in every necessary way
possible; so I think I should give kudos to them
because they were very supportive in everything
we did together.
So you mean to say materials provided weren’t
No, what I mean is that, lecturers were giving us
several materials to read within a short notice,
for example, a lecturer giving us three hundred
and something pages to read for the exam, and
expecting us to read every chapter. And actually
I’m not really a library person; so I was forced to
make judicious use of whatever resources I had,
and at one stage I had no choice but to go to
the library to source for more information. At the
end of the day, I guess it was all worth it.
How did you feel when you were asked to give
the valedictory speech?
Wow!. Actually, I had never really spoken in
public, to such crowd before. So I was just
saying to myself that I needed to conquer, you
know there’s this 30 seconds fear, the moment
someone steps onto a stage. I had to conquer
that fear from the beginning. I hoped everything
would be okay. I already told myself that from
the beginning. Luckily for me, the moment I
stepped onto the stage, it was as if the fear
wasn’t there at all; so just giving the speech
was more or less like a leap of faith, if I could
use the word. So at the end of the day
everything worked out just the way I hoped it
How did you manage to come tops among your
I can’t really say I came tops among my mates
because it was more or less a team effort. We
all put our efforts in it, and don’t forget, I started
as a direct entry student, I did not start from 100
level in FUO. So, starting from 200 level, I had so
many people who were willing to help. Though
the foundation was already set, people already
knew how the school operated. They were
helpful and willing to assist. Every other direct
entry students and I were getting used to the
academic system so I guess things worked out
Was there a time you felt you weren’t up to the
Over and over again, I always felt like “why is it
so difficult?” Like what’s the point for facing all
those challenges? What’s the point for the first
class in the entire class. I actually never wanted
a first class honestly; I guess what helped out
was that I had a very good policy and everybody
was looking out or hoping to come out with a
first class. Through pressure from every other
person, motivation from friends, family and loved
ones, everything just helped in motivating and
keeping me focused on my goal.
What is next after graduation?
Write as many exams as possible, hopefully
masters and Ph.D… probably…. I don’t know….. I
think I know…..Maybe go into lecturing, but
that’s going to be like a second or third option.
Probably go into the industrial business for a
while. I could begin with a masters or Ph.D first,
and then from there whatever God says.
What is your advice to students out there?
My advice to students is that challenges will
come, obstacles will be along the way. They
would have to face several rough roads but when
they have their eyes on the prize, when they
have Allah supporting them in every way
possible, the sky is just the limit.

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