Ekiti State University did not issue certificate and transcript – after 10 years

Ekiti State University EKSU
Ekiti State University EKSU

Many old students requesting transcripts
and certificates
from the Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, face
Seventeen years after graduating from the
Ondo State
University (now Ekiti State University),
Stanley Martin’s
application to obtain his transcript from the
school in order
to pursue a master’s degree remains futile.
His frustration started when authorities of the
could not trace his statement of results
despite the evidence
that he graduated from the institution.
After many failed attempts in which he had
to part with
much money to obtain his transcript, Stanley
gave up on the
matter and had to enrol for a fresh
programme in another school.
Stanley is one of the many old students of
the 33-year-old
university whose dreams have been aborted
due to the
burdensome nature of transcript and
certificates collection
Another graduate of the institution, Mrs.
Patricia Agupusi,
who shared Stanley’s ordeal on an e-group of
the university
alumni page, wrote, “Stanley tried for years,
lost money,
opportunities and so many things and still did
not get it. He
just started undergraduate studies now
because of his
inability to obtain his transcript. It is a very
sad situation.
What is the need of graduating from the
university and not
able to make progress in life because the
school cannot
provide one with transcript?”
A 1997 graduate of the university, Mrs.
Adebisi Omotoso,
who narrated a similar ordeal to our
correspondent, said it
was easier to get water out of stone than get
one’s certificate
or transcript at EKSU.
Omotoso, who studied English, said, “I went
to the school
about four times in pursuit of my certificate. I
vividly that I was involved in an auto accident
at one of the
villages close to the school. It was not a
pleasant experience
at all, leaving Lagos to go to Ado and not
being able to
accomplish the reason why I went.
“I did an online course in Switzerland with the
Nations. Before I knew it at the completion
of the course, I
had my certificate. A friend, also an old
student, confided in
me that she did a course in the United States
and when she
wanted to do a higher degree, all it took the
new school was
to request her details from her previous
school and, in a
jiffy, her records got to them. And down here
in Ado, 17
years after graduating, she has yet to receive
her certificate.”
Noah Fasina, a 1990 engineering graduate of
the university,
said he had lost many opportunities because
of his inability
to obtain his certificate and transcript.
Noah, in a message posted on the alumni’s e-
page, said, “I
have tried many approaches but still no
success. This is
affecting my upward mobility in no small way.
I have lost
much money in the process of getting my
Another affected person, Mrs. Mary Onaola,
wrote on the
same page, “You would not believe that I
graduated in 2002
and I have yet to receive my transcript. I
tried all avenues
but still no success. My admission to a
university to study for
a master’s degree was absolutely a miracle
from God.”
A 2000 Accounting graduate of the varsity,
who craved
anonymity, told our correspondent that she
went through
hell to obtain her transcript.
She said, “I would like to remain anonymous
because I am
really tired of being associated with that
school. I have yet to
come across an ex-student who got his or
her transcript on a
platter. Also, a mistake was made on my
result and later
revealed in my transcript. The fact is that
while my result
reads a 2.2, my transcript shows that I have a
Another alumna, who identified herself as Ms
Kehinde Wole-
Olomojobi, said it was unfortunate that the
school does not
have the breakdown of the student’s results
on computer
systems despite the advancement in
She said, “Tattered files are being carried up
and down and
you can just imagine the fate of any student
whose file is
misplaced in the course of such a movement.
Mine was a
case of missing notification of results. As a
result, no
certificate was prepared for me upon
Even the National President of the EKSU
Alumni, Prof.
Michael Ayeni, confirmed to our
correspondent that many
old students were experiencing difficulties in
obtaining their
certificates from the institution. According to
him, the
association has made several interventions.
“We are not happy about the situation. We
can attribute the
problems to inadequate manpower at the
transcript office,
the use of analogue system of keeping
records and wrong
spelling of names. But the university is
working on it and we
are hopeful that once it centralises its
database system, the
problem would be sorted.”
The President of the EKSU Alumni, United
Kingdom and
Ireland chapter, Mr. Tunde Owoseni, in a
interviewwith our correspondent, also noted
that the
problem had defied logic.
According to Owoseni, no less than 25 per
cent of the old
students have problems collecting their
certificates and
He said, “The case of EKSU is a peculiar one,
which defies
logic. A great number of the students’ scores
are not easily
retrievable because there are no central
databases storing
the results.
“You are at the mercy of the departmental
and faculty staff
when you go to pick up your transcript. There
have been
instances when because a faculty officer is
away from duty
for some days, no one in the office is able to
help to process
the transcript request until the ‘big boss’
When our correspondent visited the
university, findings
showed that the institution still engaged in
documentation for record keeping with many
of the files and
documents not properly kept.
A member of staff of the institution, who
spoke on the
condition of anonymity, said the varsity got
not less than 200
applications for certificates and transcript
from its old
students daily.
The source, who accompanied our
correspondent to the
transcript office, said, “As you can see, less
than 10 persons
were employed to type out the results at the
office, making the process very slow. With a
daily application
rate of 200, it is very difficult for them to
meet the deadline.
Before they finish one, others would have
piled up.
“The applications for transcript are sent to
the faculty.
Maybe out of the 200, 50 are from the
Faculty of Arts, the
person who is supposed to find the results
from 100 level to
200 level may only be able to see just 10 out
of the 50. He
sends the 10 and leaves the 40.The following
day, he has like
50 again and only able to retrieve a few of
the results. This
leads to the backlog of the certificates.
“Normally, the fee to obtain one’s transcript
is N5,000 which
would be paid at a bank. In order to fast-
track one’s
application, corruption comes in. The old
students started
the bribery thing to meet deadlines. It has
however become
a normal thing. Some of the faculty officials,
who type out
the results from 100 level to, say 500 level,
now make as
much as N10,000 per application. So if you
do not offer
bribes, you had better forget about your
transcript because
it will be delayed.”
Meanwhile, Owoseni has urged the newly-
appointed VC,
Prof. Oye Bandele, to declare a state of
emergency on the
He urged the school to set up a crisis
management team to
ensure the clearing of all the outstanding
Omotoso also called for the cleansing of the
registry in order
for sanity to be restored in the ivory tower.
But in an interview with our correspondent,
the Deputy
Registrar, Information and Public Affairs of
the university,
Mr. Ajibade Olubunmi, dismissed the
allegations as
According to him, the university has changed
to a digital
system of record keeping, with registry
officials using
computers to process results.
On the bribe allegation, Olubunmi said the
university had
zero tolerance for corruption and would
sanction any
member of staff caught demanding such.
He said, “I can confirm to you that the
pending applications
for transcripts and certificates have been
signed and are
ready. The old students should stop making
allegations and come to the school to get
their transcripts
and certificates. At present, EKSU is one of
the best in terms
of processing and collecting of results. All
those allegations
are strange because we have zero tolerance
for indiscipline
and corruption.”

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