The E-breast Era – and the preying eyes on the street.


e breast system and the preying eyes
Everyone wants to be seen, everyone wants to be heard, everyone wants to be conspicuous, and most importantly, everyone wants to believe he or she is loved. These unsatisfied wants of men Is believed by amakvita to be the backbone behind the unfortunate era called ” the e-breast”.
I was reading a weekly magazine recently and I came across an actress who became famous, and her page went by the name “wanted”, just because she is used to flaunting her boobs whenever she poses for a shot.
And today, every feminine designer that wants to hit it big in the market needs to manufacture dresses that cuts across the chest in V, or U-shape manner that exposes parts of the boobs. But does it have to be so?.
To some, it is done to… look presentable and attractive to men, but why at the expense of your pride?. Why must your confidential gift be left to wonder above its cage like a straying dog, all at the mercy of the preying eyes on the street, are you that cheap?.
Let me expose this “men’s little nature secret” to you girls, it reads; ” the more conserved and indisposed a woman becomes, the more convinced and determined a man will be willing to explore, in other to beat his imaginations”. Don’t think yours is an exception.
Those partaking in the e-breast era are certainly looking for trouble in the street, as they charitably expose their feminine pride to whomever is interested to feed his eyes, leaving men with so little to imagine. Consequently, when the trouble comes through rape or harassment, the jury end up blaming the man,and siding the inventor of the trouble itself.
Advertisers has seen this as the surest way to attract public attention, we now see such daughters of eve everywhere, be it billboards, social media, mass media, just name it, flaunting their boobs to get paid.
The most unfortunate part of it all is the indifference women show about it, they believe its new fashion, new generation, new era, and there is nothing wrong with it, it is certain that man is gradually returning to the era of ” nude community ” in the ecological niche.
But if women decides to wonder around half-dressed, or rather “eve-dressed”, then I don’t think rapist should face death sentence, as Isaac Newton once said ” for every action, there is equal and opposite reaction”.
Do you still think what these daughters of eve are doing is just, exposing 1/3% of their boobs to the indiscriminate public, I think this is insane, because in the 90s only lunatics are seen undressed.
Is this a way of coaxing men to family life even without being financially and psychologically prepared, well I will give credits to those daughters of eve for some of the bastards children roaming around in our streets today.
Amakvitaa researchers also gathered that most retired professional prostitutes and part-time sex workers now use the e-breast system as a bait to lure naive men to marrying them, they set their boobs as a sacrificial bait in a trap, from their unholy homes to the innocent street, then they lie and wait in ambush waiting for the unlucky “preying eyes” to host on.
Many popular actresses and models now go through the spurious task of breast enlargement, just to make their boobs spherically dwell in their malfunctioning bra, and bulging out like a folded boxer’s palms out of akimbo and gallantly ready to subdue its victim indiscriminately.
Which church would want to put the population of its congregation into jeopardy with a targeted homily, their contributions to the church is far more important than their dress-code, i think. “perhaps it is the heart that matters” a priest would say. Hmm, Beware !!!.
Medically, it is not profitable. Psychologically and emotionally, it harasses the masculine race. Socially, it destroys the good ethics of the primary family and community at large, that’s how far the e-breast era has gone.
In offices, women now intentionally throw their pen on the floor, and then bends to get it, by this releasing the troublesome lion from its cage, all this to call the attention of the boss in charge. Similar harassment occur with lecturers, but to the law court it is lack of self control.
Be warned you daughters of eve, you are surely doomed for destruction if you persist, be virtuous, dwell in your pride.
Always remember you read it first from amakvitaa.

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