The Poor Poverishly Living In Poverty.



The Poor Poverishly Living In Poverty.
The Poor Poverishly Living In Poverty.


Do you know?.
60% of the world’s population cries out saying “we are the poor masses”, but not up to 35% of them really live in poverty, to be poor is to want, to live in poverty is to need, do you see the difference?.
He that eats thrice a day is not poor, neither is he that leave in a rented or owned house, talk more drive in a barrant car.
Some one can be poor at a particular time, but those in poverty have lost count of their years in it.
Poverty is not only a physical state of want, it also have an ample effect on the mindset, psychology and character of the victim on which it befalls.
Most clands( I.e the poverty stricken people) are poor from birth ( about 70% of them from amakvita researchers), they were born into poverty, while the remaining 30% owes their fate to cause or chaos.
Most often we say “the poor eats a lot”, that is not true, biologically. everybody has almost thesame space to feed in the stomach, at least according to our body weight, the difference in the two class of people is that the poor eats with hope, while the rich eats with trust, while the poor eat with hope that they might eat again, the rich eats with firm trust and confidence that they can eats, whenever, wherever the need arises.
Have you ever experienced abject poverty?, do you know what is feels like to be a cland?, they always have this looks of want in their face, that’s why they are often staged as thieves even when they are innocent, because of that zeal to have in their faces.
They are regarded as coward in public gatherings, whenever misunderstanding occur, not because they don’t have the strength to fight but the thoughts of class and privilege weakens Their mindset and change their personal character, this makes them very unstable in their daily decisions in life. You know, as my classmates will always say “the rich are always right and the poor are often wrong.
The truth is that no body is free from challenges in life as human beings , but it seems that some people as by far, cheated by fate as they are left with very little chance to compete and survive.
The quest for survival have never been easy for the clands, but as nothing is for free in the world , it seems they are the happiest earth dwellers. Cos when you are down, there is no other place to go but up.
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