My First Development on WordPress

My First Development About WordPress
My First Development About WordPress


As a young blogger, I have followed wordpress upgrade closely for some years now.
There’s a problem or let me say a weak point which wordpress have suffered for some time now, to be compared with other blog hosting companies. To cut this short, its about the direction of posts.
I thinks its high time wordpress creates an option for users to choose a page or post-page each time he wants to publish a post and not posting only to a static page, oh!, I have my reasons.
Some websites which writes let’s say about sports will also, though sometimes like to post a weekly news or events which they would not like to post in thesame page as their sport blog, so if they are left with options, even though they have a default post page, the can choose to change the direction of the post with great ease rather than altering settings.
I learnt there was a development of category-page, I think its seems complicated and it is also time wasting, this development will be very useful to those living by their pen who have variety of pages the would love to post-to.
Well we still have more development coming your way, but I guess its one before another.
Always remember you read it first from amakvitaa.

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