knowing the more peaceful tribe in Nigeria by their ancestral behavior

knowing the more peaceful tribe in Nigeria by their ancestral behaviour

Nigeria has over 250 known tribes, but they are collectively grouped into three main category, the Hausa, having the highest population and dominating the north, the Yoruba people of the west, the Ibo tribe of the east. The Edo speaking tribes of the south are often referred to as the neutral tribe, so lets see how these denominations affects Nigeria in terms of peace and war.
The early Yoruba are characterised by good education provided for them by the Awolowo’s administration, they are well educated and knows the value of life, critics often say they are always afraid.
Also the early Igbo tribe are characterised by the economic activities of buying and selling, the have average education, critics always say they love money very well.
And lastly, the Hausa speaking tribe, they are known for political power with low educational background and critics say they always love power and authority, so lets see the most peaceful tribe in Nigeria.
Let’s use this uncommon fair tale to explain.
An Edo ( neutral tribe) taxi driver dropped off these three different tribes each on different occasions, and their was argument on balance of money, so lets see how these three tribes will react to the misunderstanding.
A Yoruba man being educated knows the value of peace, so instead of a fight to start, he would leave the money with the taxi driver since there is no body to explain to, maybe as critics say he is afraid of what might happen next.
An Igbo man being fairly educated and economic in nature, will be left with two options either he leaves the money with the taxi driver and there would be a fight or he takes the money and peace reigns, maybe as critics say he love money.
An Hausa man loving to always be on power will have one option which is to leave the money with the taxi driver and start up a fight, maybe as critics say they love to be on power.
Again this popular quote might also help in identifying the most peaceful tribe in Nigeria, “the Yoruba produces kola, the Igbo honor it , the Edo distributes it and the Hausa consumes it”.
Well amakvitaa has not justified nor condemned, so why not you be the judge. You could decide better.
Always remember you read it first from amakvitaa.

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