15 Things You Must Know Before Joining WordPress.


Lucky you!, you will know now, but perhaps I was not opportune to know before joining wordpress.
Indeed, I have no regrets joining wordpress. , but it seams rather unfair realise that I first joined wordpress. based on its front page expressions and offer without knowing the do’s and undo’s. In wordpress.
Amakvitaa have been on the web since 2010, but finally decided to start blogging in may 2013.
When I switched on my phone that faithful day, i searched Google to know the top 10 leading blog hosting sites, then, as at 2013 wordpress. came second after blogger. and controls about 23% of the web. Till date, I haven’t realises what made me skip blogger, I clicked wordpress. and behold, there it was, beautiful and stunning homepage with all its attracting and promising offers you would not forgive yourself if you ignore, it has everything you would ask for from a blog hosting site.
Then, what next, I deed what you would do if it was you, I registered and published my first post on the go.
It took me up to a year to fully understand what wordpress and blogging was all about, so i thought it as much, that writing this article would be the best gift I can give to beginners in the field of blogging, This post will let you see wordpress in its white and black colours, that you might not end up like me, though not in regrets, but the feeling you was tricked a little, don’t worry, its nothing, and I will be straight foward.
Below are the 15 things you must know before joining wordpress. :
1. There are two wordpress organizations, wordpress.com and wordpress.org , they are similar in terms of website delivery, but are different in terms of programmes offered. You are to do yourself good by visiting wordpress support page to find out which suits your taste better.

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2. Joining wordpress.com does not means you would have a dormain name for free, neither will you be hosted for free, later on you would be given different packages and upgrades such as domain name purchase ( eg .com , .me , .org etc ), buying and mapping which costs $18 per year as at 2015.

3. Do you know that I used wordpress.com for two years without viewing what my page looked like on PC, sounds funny right?, when I saw my page on PC it was awesome and nice, but then, there came a large pup-up of ads which covered the whole page, no website owner would want that for his viewers, at least not for free. Of course, wordpress.com use these ads to pay for the sites hosting expenses, so if you don’t like the ads you can purchase ads upgrade which they offer.

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4. WordPress.com does not allow you to upload videos and music without upgrading to their plan which costs $99 at least, so you are limited to uploading pictures and other files.

5. Your blog will not be featured in their daily pressed without you upgrading.

6.you can share your post to variety of social media such as Facebook, twitter, google , tumblr, flickr, pinterest, linkeden and lots more.

7. You are not allowed to use advanced HTML,CSS or PHP codes to customise your website, just a few acceptable HTML codes in wordpress.com . But wordpress.org accepts all.

8. In wordpress.com you are restricted from premium themes, but you can choose from variety of free themes which cannot be totally customised.

9. You space is not unlimited in wordpress.com, 3GB to be precise, so when it is full, you can buy a space upgrade which they offer.

10. You don’t have access to your users information such as email list and password change.

WordPress controls about 23% of the web so you can be assured of enhanced SEO and search engine coverage.

11. Free wordpress.com is suitable for personal and private blog while its upgrades and wordpress.org is suitable for organisations and business bloggers such as Times. . and CNN. .

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12. WordPress does not allow domain transfer but mapping which cost $13 per year, for those that have purchase
d a domain name in another company.
13. It is easy and convenient to use with the aid of PC and mobile applications.

14. You don’t have to worry about spammer and hackers, Askimet will cover you all the way, with the. Aid of the internet defence league.

15. WordPress.com will upgrade your sites content regularly, but you will have to do it yourself in wordpress.org.

In general, I am proud to be hosted at wordpress, but you now know what I was not opportune to know before joining wordpress.
Have a nice luck in your blogging carrier, amakvitaa is always here for you. Thanks.
You can also read my first development on wordpress.com.
Always remember you read it first from amakvitaa.

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