living by the pen- trials and trophies

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living by the pen- trials and trophies

One’s profession is not only the source of his livelihood, but it is also his joy and he enjoys every dignity in such labour, but it is always faced with obstacles which to some people can be crossed and to others, the end of their carrier. The pen can be used to represent all fields of work that educates and gives information, and blogging being an important part of it.
Just like amakvitaa many other professional bloggers have lived by their pen, but as different people, different stories are told. amakvitaa early blogging carrier was characterised by mistakes, failures and discouragement, we realised that having a dream is not a big deal but fulfilling it is one big problem. There have been many trials, it don’t just seem easy blogging at midst professional and trained bloggers, neither is finding your blog at midst thousands of prominent blogs easy.
Their have been many corrections and advise from some senior and experienced bloggers, most especially, the SEO of WordPress . But in all, we thank God we are moving forward, but despite all these hard times, one thing keeps us moving , which is the joy and happiness we derive from blogging and believe me it have not been an easy carrier, it sometimes seem as if the pains are more than the gains, but then we realised that there is no crown without a cross, no trophy without trials, no gain without pain and that hard-luck pays better than good-luck.
And today, by heads and horn we have move somewhere, we know we have not reached our peak but of course we are not at the nadir, i will also like to thank our sponsors ( and our faithful supporters and fans all over the world, we promise to deliver the best in the future. thanks.
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