Sins are forgiven – but no sin goes unpunished

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forgiveness of sin

Many know about their sins, more knows about forgiveness but not much know about the penalties of such sin. during the early days, people are punished as soon as they commit sin just as the case of Cain and Abel. Certainly sins are sure to be less then. but after the coming of Jesus Christ, the law of forgiveness was introduced, which over-wrote the law of karma as in the days of Moses. but now sins become more rampant knowing about forgiveness, unlike in the early day when you will be killed if you kill and be stoned to death if you commit adultery.
People sin now knowing that they will be forgiven, but what they don’t know is that no sin goes unpunished, as there is always a price to pay but in this case “later” and not instantly as in the early days.
Before the coming of Christ, David was a sinner who committed adultery and murder, his sins were forgiven but his son died immediately after birth( that’s the price for his sin), after the coming of Christ, Saul was a murderer and after his conversion his sins was forgiven,but later during his missionary work. he have to suffer in spreading the good news till he died.
you can see the differences in both, both sinned and were punished but just the matter of when they were punished.
Finally, when we sin, we should ask for forgiveness and certainly we will get it but we should keep in mind that no sin will go unaccounted for.
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  1. Hello: You have a good post. The Old Testament has no law requiring forgiveness, but it was a cornerstone of Jesus’ teaching. Jesus also taught accountability, though. We will be judged by God for our words and deeds, he said. Best wishes for your spiritual journey. ND of nomagicwandchristianity.

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