A letter to the unbelievers- the anthesis

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A letter to the unbelievers- the anthesis


My twale to you anthesis, all good wishes from amakvitaa.
Acknowledging your believe and stand on religion and the validity of the existence of God, i write you all trusting that this might change you.
Believe is not what can be forced on a person, and what someone already believe can hardly be changed. it is not like wears that one can easily choose which one is best for him anywhere, anytime he feels like. believe combines trust, love, truth to some extent and many more attributes which makes someone trust firmly that what he believes is the best.
Above all being convinced is the highest point of ones believe.i know this is the one big reason why you did not believe in the validity of Gods existence, perhaps you have not found any prove.but i tell you today, God exists.
Is science the cause of your believe?, do you believe more on the evolution of man?, is the bible just a usual book to you?, i tell you today that science itself was created by an omniscience, also evolution always need small matter to evolve and that matter did not just appear it was created and designed by a creator, so therefore if you believe in science you must also believe in the creator of science.
am not forcing you to what you don’t want to believe, just open your heart and let your mind consider freely,also be willing to accept if you are convinced and i bet you will certainly realize the truth with time.
Have you seen an event that made you not to believe,perhaps you should know tha actions of event occur to perfect time.
is it because you linage or ancestors did not believe, then you can make that difference,cos there is always a first time, just open your heart to accepting the truth an you wont be lead astray.
Finally, i will not force you to go against your heart, if after reading this letter you have not believed then i leave you with my final word, “live good lives to the best you can, so that at the end, if there is God you might be accepted on account of your good deeds and if there is no God, at least the world might remember you for good and works of love.
thanks, yours faithfully,
always remember you read it first from amakvitaa.

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