The African child- what nature gives



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The African child- what nature gives

The African child, so tender, so natural, 99% oblivores, representing nature in its fullest,peeping at tomorrow from his mothers back, just to know what nature have in stock for him.
The African child is a true picture of what nature gives, he is ignorant of what man does against nature , the African child don’t bend his environment to suit him rather he adapts himself to his environment,he believes nature gives only that which is useful to him, his peer group are the gods he sees and his elders his guardian angel, he spends everyday in contact with his surrounding soil,his way of life is simple and pleasing.
He might look unlearned, but he is filled with pure fact about nature with more desire to know more even without experiments.
he spends every day of his life amending himself to fit his environment unlike us that bend our environment to suit us.
The African child feeling and emotions counts for the love of common things, and not yet exploited by hatred, his informal education is almost enough for him to exploit his environment and be the best he can be.
his morning is filled with domestic works, noon with experience and new learning and evening with night tales and play.
just wish to encounter a true African child someday and see what nature wants of humanity.
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