“Nortotender”- The Nothingness Of Man

Nortotender- the nothingness of man
Nortotender- the nothingness of man


“Norto-tender” is a term used by amakvitaa to describe man’s nothingness before GOD.
As the scripture says “God is infinite and independent of man, 24 elders bow to worship him, the 7 choirs of angels sings song of praises to him and all the angels and saints bless his holy name”, from this scripture we see that God receives totally enough praise and worship every day.
Again, another verse of the bible says “God is supernatural, he have no need of our praises yet our desire to praise him is itself his gift”, this is where mans nothingness is expressed.
That God created us, that all we have is given to us by him, be it life , shelter, food, knowledge, happiness to mention but few, are all his gifts.
We cant give anything to him, sometimes we say we give him offerings and gifts at our religious gatherings, but we all know within us that it ends in the belly of the clerics and then all glory to God.
We say we can praise and thank him, but looking at the number of righteous men and women that praise him daily in the first text and following the words of the second text we realize that God have no need of our praises.
Sometimes we long to praise, worship and serve him, but the second text also added that our desire to praise him is itself his gift. That desire you have to praise him is also hiss gift to you.
So what can we say we have to offer to our creator?, nothing , despite our many achievements and crowns we are just nothing before our creator, our death and decay summarises it all.
In general, being nothing and living as the nothing that you are has no fault, but being nothing and living like everything, that’s what kills,we should always try to show our humility at its peak. beware, keep in mind that one same force kept us on the earth and one event unite all men, death.
Always remember you read it first from amakvitaa.

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