An interview with the spirit

An interview with the spirit
An interview with the spirit
We all know that one of the greatest priorities of human over all living creature is the double nature of man, which is body and soul. We all know that the body needs shelter, food, body pleasure and so on, but we sometimes fail to find out more about our soul.
It is true that since we gain consciousness after birth we have been with our body, but we will not spend all our life with our flesh, we spend just about 0.00001% of life with the flesh, even if we live for 120years,we should be aware that we will spend live eternity with our spirit.
Amakvitaa had an interview with a man who was given the opportunity to have an illusional chat with his spirit, below was their discussion:
Man: good day to you spirit,
Spirit: good day and thank you,
Man: how have you been?
Spirit: well I feel better now that you are chatting with me, at least the world is knowing more about me,
Man: how do you know am telling the world,
Spirit: (laughs), well you know am a spirit,
Man: oh, I almost forgot,
Man: I will like to ask you some questions to know more about you, I hope you wouldn’t mind,
Spirit: no, go on
Man: where do you live?,
Spirit: well I live on minds for now,
Man: sorry do you mean heart,
Spirit: no, minds, I live on minds until when its time for me to take full control,
Man: and by time you mean?,
Spirit: I mean death,
Man: OK, do you eat at all,
Spirit: yes I feed on honesty, forgiveness, love, sharing, and all other good virtues,
Man: hmm, so what’s your favourite food?
Spirit: you will not like it; my favourite food is fasting from what pleases the flesh,
Man: you mean whenever the body feels pain you are happy,
Spirit: yes,
Man: does that mean you hate the flesh, you are in malice with the body?
Spirit: if you say so, yes, that’s just what I like
Man: why do you like that?
Spirit: because I will keep living on the mind until the flesh dies before I take full charge,
Man: don’t you realize that leaving your family and loved ones pains,
Spirit: you said so because you can’t imagine the happiness and enjoyment you will get when you feed me well and I take charge,
man: can you tell me?
Spirit: no, no mortal man knows,
Man: why is it that sometimes those who feed you well die sooner and those who never fed you once live longer?
Spirit: sometimes when those who feeds me well suffer too much I gain approval from my owner and I will quickly take full charge, and he sometimes give the bad ones the opportunity to feed me at least once,
Man: and by the creator you mean?
Spirit: yes, I mean GOD
Man: can you stop somebody from doing what is wrong?
Spirit: no, I can only whisper to his mind or conscience because that’s where I live,
Man: what about those that have dead conscience?
Spirit: there is no person with dead conscience, its just what they say to wicked people,
Man: thank you very much it’s a nice time talking with you, at least now I know more about you
Spirit: you are welcomed.
(This is a ïllusional interview that a man had with his spirit).
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