The Great Mutation

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Science and Technology
The Great Mutation
The Great Mutation


Mutation, meaning a change in the character of a gene over a long period of time, occurs mostly as a result of the artificial changes in the environment.
Amakvitaa’s researchers have foreseen a great mutation within the 28 or 29th century, or even sooner, due to some bunky inventions of the 21st century.
Firstly, scientists have recorded a continuous rise in global warming, which I don’t think can be reduced or stopped due to the everyday growth in the industrialisation of the world, and the continuous deforestation of vegetation to set up man made infrastructures, and we all know that the ultra- violet rays from the sun is one of the major cause of mutation in recent years.
Secondly, the scientific discovery in the treatment of cancer and other related diseases have helped mankind and aid in the preservation of human species, but we have not considered its effects in terms of changes to the gene, as the use of x-rays and other electromagnetic rays deals directly with the body cells, by this making the cells prone to mutation.
Thirdly, the bio system of security and protection have proven to be the best, also the use of ear piece, Bluetooth, sunglasses, and surgeries are good but we cannot ignore the fact that they still have some biological effect on human beings which will manifest gradually with time.
Generally, maybe the high rate of ultraviolet rays might turn a warm blooded human into a hot or warmer blooded species, who knows, the use of deep science might turn us into a disease resistant or prone species, who knows, the use of bio machines and other electronics might turn our brain into a sharper or more dull organ, who knows.
The worst is that we cannot do anything to change it from happening, or can we stop invention or deforestation, so let’s just wait and see what the great mutation will bring about, thanks.
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