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Hi, amakvitaa wants to share all he know about wapka.mobi with you,wapka.mobi is a popular wapsite creator that has been operating for some years now,it has registered many wapmasters and waplords, now many popular site now bear the name wapka.mobi as a DNS server,all site that register under wapka has their name in this format “loginname.wapka.mobi”(e.g amakvitaa.wapka.mobi) ,this wapsite creator has the simplest creating tool ,which makes it posible for even those who are ignorant of programming skills to own many popular site, to own a wapsite is very simple and free just go to http://www.ref.amakvitaa.wapka.mobi and if you want to learn about wapka tools and how to use it goto http://www.amakvitaa.tk/tutorial then wapka tools ,many wapka fans believe that very soon wapka will be ranking no.1 among other wapsite creators because of its ability to update regularly.thanks for reading, there are still more just keep visiting naijafeeded.tk .

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